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Historic Information

I got this (Welcome Pack attachment) from the British History place credited at the bottom when I was putting things together for a welcome pack. It is not modern (1911) but of what I found, it was quite interesting. I did the Parish Map for the Welcome Pack also.

I don’t know how far back you are going but the Parish changed a lot after the big Albury Estate sale of 1922 when large areas of outlying land were sold off. The change to Farley Green can be seen on the two attached OS maps, pre sale and post sale. Also a couple of old maps from 1874. Unfortunately the join went through Albury.

My family moved to FG in 1953 with me at 6 weeks old. I remember a bit of FG but not so much about the estate. It wasn’t until around the 1970s that anything much happened or changed, when everything started to get more global etc in the 1980s.Albury Map 1874.pdfParish Map 2.pdfAlbury Welcome pack January 2016.pdf