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As a result of the Community Choices document published in July 2016, Albury Parish Council concluded that it should develop a Neighbourhood Plan. Guildford Borough Council designated the Albury Parish Neighbourhood Area on 22 February 2017.

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Albury Parish will enable us to:

  • assess how the impact of development outside our Neighbourhood Plan area will affect us
  • re-evaluate our community housing needs and how best these can be delivered
  • review what matters most to our community e.g. our rural environment, local businesses, our shops, our community assets (village hall, allotments, playground and green open spaces) and build a vision for their future
  • review our infrastructure needs: roads, schools, healthcare and drainage
  • enable our community to benefit fully from future CIL contributions.

Albury Parish was designated as a Neighbourhood Plan area in February 2017 following an application to Guildford Borough Council by Albury Parish Council and a six-week public consultation.

Once adopted the Albury Parish Neighbourhood Plan will be a legal statutory planning document.  It will become part of the Guildford Borough Council's Development Plan until 2033.